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Selling just a product is no longer enough

Telling and selling your story. That's what it is all about. Stories are personal, uniquely yours.
They belong to you, are your identity, and they highlight your creativity and authenticity.

How authentic are you?

Do you use standard text and images provided to you by your local agent or DMO?
What if your competitor does the same? So, how different are you actually?

Do you sell packages or plan experiences?
Of course you offer fine packages, but what do you think will happen when
you enrich them with true stories, images and real experiences?..

How do you trigger customers?
Your customers want to get up-close with the best travel experiences.
Selling just a product is no longer enough.
How do you tease them and convert them?

Stories create emotional connections
Storytelling makes a great foundation for planning experiences and bringing them to life, plus it opens up the door to creative marketing. Rather than describing the places to go and list the things to do, we are writing stories and share real experiences with your customer.

Get connected
You now have the opportunity to connect your customers with our local world in West Canada.
Share real stories and images or video. We write compelling blogs in a clear language.
Every 3 months you will receive a 'main story', ideal to use in a newsletter or local publication. Up to 10 snippets and one-liners that are perfect to use for Facebook and Twitter, on your website or in your brochure. The images are part of the story. It's all yours. Use it in a way that works best for you.
Get connected know, and be different.

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The Experience

The Experience - that's all that counts
You'll recognize the best experience, where there is an ideal mix of culture, people and a geographical area.

Media contact:
Dirk Terpstra

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