Our camper and RV packages, are set up with one of the best rental companies in canada: Fraserway RV Rentals. They offer a high level of service and luxurious vehicles.
And of course you can expect our special local tips and route suggestions, to make your holiday one of the best experiences ever...

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Explore the country with 'Camper Life'
Canadian Travel Design offers highly interesting camper and motorhome rental packages for our agents. One contact is enough to get it all set up.
And we will, of course, provide our customers with route suggestions,
our personal preferences for campgrounds and other 'local tips'.
Because that makes the difference between 'a nice holiday' and
'the best experience ever'!
Consumers: contact us here, and we help you find a travel agent in your country.

Secret Tips
Did you know that the Canadian Travel Design self-drive packages
all come with a unique travel package?
Besides of all the 'need-to-knows', we give also you lots of
'nice-to-knows', like where to drink a good local wine, stop
for a special lunch or find the best spot for a great hike ...

We truly want you to immerse in the local culture and reveal
a region's true spirit.
Ask us for a sample package.

8 ft Camper 8ft truck camper
Explore Canada with a terrain vehicle and your home in one. If you are more adventurous and would like to travel the back roads, this is your option. Comfortable for 2-3 persons.
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10 ft Camper 10ft truck camper
Same as the 8 ft camper, but now you have more space and comfort in your camper. Comfortable for 3 persons.
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Van conversion Camper Van
Ideal for couples who are looking for more than average luxury.
The vans are like your 2nd home, as they are spacey, well equipped and very comfortable for 3 persons.
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20ft+ Motorhomes 20ft motorhome
All comfort together for familes up to
5 persons. We rent motorhomes in the sizes 20 / 22 / 24 / 27 and 29 ft.
Now, you're free to go and we'll help you to find the best places.
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